2018 Ballot Questions


The democracy movement won ballot questions all over the nation!

The Maryland Constitution does not allow citizen-initiated ballot questions, but we supported legislation for a Constitutional Amendment for Election-Day voter registration. It passed by a margin of 67% to 33%.

Baltimore City passed a Charter Amendment (initiated by the City Council) and joined Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George's counties in creating a fund for public campaign finance for local elections.

Arizona Dark money groups must disclose true source of funds Colorado Anti-gerrymandering for Congressional and state legislative districts. PLUS Denver voters passed public campaign financing and other campaign reforms
Florida 1.4 million returning citizens became eligible to register to vote Massachusetts Voters created citizen commission to propose constitutional amendments to overturn Citizens United
Michigan Anti-gerrymandering for Congressional and state legislative districts PLUS Automatic voter registration Missouri

Campaign finance and ethics reforms PLUS Anti-gerrymandering for state legislative districts

Nevada Automatic voter registration New Mexico Independent state ethics commission
North Dakota Anti-corruption Amendment creates new ethics laws, disclosure requirements and campaign finance reform Ohio Anti-gerrymandering for Congressional districts
Tennessee Memphis defeated an attempt to repeal ranked-choice voting Wisconsin

Voters in nine communities called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to limit political spending. 133 other Wisconsin communities have passed similar voter resolutions

Anti-gerrymandering for Congressional and state legislative districts  For more info

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