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Get Money Out - Maryland is an independent organization and is also a Working Group of Move to Amend, a national organization with half a million citizen supporters. Move to Amend has crafted the most powerful language now pending in Congress for the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. We are working directly to support the We the People Amendment, H. J. Res 48.

We also are part of American Promise, the only national group that seeks to unify and harmonize the work of all groups working for the 28th Amendment.


Updated January 2017

We would love to hear from you. We're in touch with thousands of supporters in Maryland, and can put you in touch with like-minded people who live near you.

This website & organization (abbreviated 'GMOM") was formed in December 2012 by just a few concerned citizen volunteers, in order to support efforts of Marylanders around the state working to reduce political corruption by:

  1. Promoting reforms that minimize the influence of money, and strengthen the power of citizens, in the political process, in the U.S. and in Maryland.
  2. Promoting an amendment to the U. S. Constitution that overturns the Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC, and establishes that constitutional rights apply only to natural persons.
  3. Working in Maryland with persons and organizations regardless of political affiliation.

Since that time we have become a statewide organization and identified about 7,000 people who have taken action to support our campaigns.

We send updates no more than once a month (unless you ask for more or there's an urgent deadline with the Maryland General Assembly), all messages have an unsubscribe option, and we never sell or share your contact info with any outside groups.

We're an all-volunteer group working in Maryland to win an amendment to the U.S. Constitution overturning Citizens United v. FEC, reserving constitutional rights to natural persons, and promoting voting rights for all. Here is our organizational chart. We go about this in a way that we believe has the best chance of succeeding. Join our monthly conference calls, area team meetings, or general educational meetings which occur from time to time. When you sign up please include your phone, email & home address. We work closely with Wolf-Pac.com and other allies.


Charlie Cooper, President



charlie.coop47 [at] gmail.com

Susan Ogden, Vice President

Takoma Park


susanogden1 [at] mac.com

Doug Miller, Secretary




Joseph Adams, M. D.


410 812-1447

joeadamsmd [at] gmail.com

Angad Singh



theindialink [at] gmail.com

Sheila Ruth



ImaginatorPress [at] gmail.com

Bill Conner

Mt. Airy


annapolis13315 [at] gmail.com

Wylie Sawyer



wylieburge [at] gmail.com

Diamonte Brown



diamonte33 [at] gmail.com

Hank Prensky

Takoma Park


hprensky [at] rcn.com

Renaud Brown



rdbtenor [at] gmail.com

Marty Wulfe



mwulfe [at] yahoo.com


For more active volunteers, (or curious citizens) the GMOM-Volunteers Google Group is open to all.  Join if you want frequent messages about the nitty gritty.

Messages can be posted and viewed online; you can choose to receive messages by e-mail. 
Once you're a member, post online or send your message to GMOM-volunteers [at] googlegroups.com

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Thank you
Get Money Out - Maryland
Working in Maryland so that all citizens have equal access to the ballot and an equal say in governance.