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States Push Post-Citizens United Reforms As Washington Stands Still
Posted: 07/11/2013 Huffington Post by Paul Blumenthal

(FYI, this regards state resolutions to appeal to Congress to propose an amendment overturning 'Citizens United,' not GMOM's focus)


. . .   "The resolution campaign has not just expanded geographically: Although the effort has primarily been backed by Democratic legislators, support from Republican lawmakers has increased markedly in 2013. All five statewide resolutions passed this year received substantial support from Republicans in at least one legislative chamber. Oregon, the most recent state to pass a resolution, saw the majority of its state GOP House members vote for the bill.

"The fact that that bipartisan support is materializing not just in the general public but among elected officials is a tremendously exciting and important development," said Peter Schurman, campaign director for Free Speech for People, a group mobilizing grassroots activism to pass the resolutions.

"The support now coming from Republican legislators was previously seen among Republican voters in two ballot initiatives passed on Election Day 2012. In Montana, where voters gave GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney 55 percent of the vote, 70 percent supported the initiative calling for an amendment to overturn Citizens United. A similar initiative in Colorado received more than 70 percent support, easily outpacing the 51.5 percent of the vote that went to President Barack Obama." . . . 


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