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The Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee voted UNFAVORABLE on SJ 1 on March 8. This action kills the Democracy Amendment Resolution for 2019. The following senators voted UNFAVORABLE: Kagan, Lam, Bailey, Carozza, Ellis, and Patterson.


The Democracy Amendment Resolution was SJ 1, by Paul Pinsky and 19 other senators. View the hearing of February 14 (starting at 2:20:00). In the House of Delegates, it was HJ 2, by Tawanna Gaines and 74 other delegates.





Jan. 28. Here’s half of our Lobby Night attendees with House of Delegates sponsor Tawanna Gaines.


December 2018 - Results from our Election Campaign

  • 15 Senators-elect and 47 Delegates-elect took the "Pledge to Get $$$ Out", including Speaker of the House Mike Busch and 3 of 4 Senate committee chairs.

  • We collected petition signatures from 1,137 new supporters.

  • 1,800 people responded actively to our Facebook information campaign.



April 25, 2019: A federal court ruled that 34 of Michigan's Congressional and and state legislative are unconstitutional gerrymandered for partisan purposes. The court ruled that First-Amendment rights of Democratic voters were trampled "by placing them in districts where their votes were worthless." Also, the 14th-Amendment guarantee of equal protection was violated.  "...[T]he impact of the ruling ultimately will turn on an opinion by the Supreme Court, which is weighing decisions in two other partisan gerrymander cases involving congressional districts in North Carolina and Maryland.

April 7, 2019: Speaker of the House, Michael E. Busch died of pneumonia after a series of severe health challenges. He became Speaker in 2003 and was the longest-serving Speaker in the history of the House of Delegates. During the 2018 legislative session, Speaker Busch exercised leadership to pass the Democracy Amendment Resolution. Get Money Out named him a Democracy Champion. During the election campaign later in 2018, he took the "Pledge to Get $$$ Out."

March 28, 2019: Republicans in the Senate will not allow a vote on an omnibus democracy reform bill that passed in the House of Representatives. Senate Democrats have introduced a bill almost identical to H.R. 1 (see below), which passed the House on March 8 by a vote of 234 - 193. However, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not allow a vote.

January 3, 2019: H.R. 1 by Speaker Pelosi and Rep. John Sarbanes (MD-3) "To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and for other purposes." It has 227 co-sponsors. The text is available.

November 12, 2018: Democrats in the U. S. Congress will make campaign finance reform a high priority. There will be disclosure, campaign finance reform, and ethics measures in the omnibus bill. Maryland District 3 Representative John Sarbanes will be the lead sponsor.



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