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Over 100 candidates for the Maryland General Assembly have taken the Pledge to Get Money Out.


April 9 - The session ended and the Democracy Amendment Resolution did not pass.

We were unable to get a favorable report in the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, despite a promise of support from Senate President Miller. Even though Maryland Conference NAACP has been an active GMOM ally for five years, senators Shirley Nathan-Pulliam and Barbara Robinson – both co-sponsors –  abstained after being told by opponents that the NAACP opposed the Resolution. Although NAACP corrected the misinformation, the abstentions proved fatal. The vote on the motion for a favorable report was 5 favorable, 3 unfavorable, 3 abstention/absence. We got 5 favorable votes, but 6 votes are required for a favorable report, and the motion failed. We were unable to muster 8 votes in the Committee to win a reconsideration.

Read the full session report ....




March 15 - With strong support from Speaker Mike Busch, the House of Delegates passed HJ 11, the Democracy Amendment Resolution, by a vote of 94-42. The amended Resolution limits the topic of a convention to "authorizing the regulation of contributions and expenditures intended to influence elections."

The 2018 Democracy Amendment Resolution, by Del. Tawanna Gaines and 75 other co-sponsors, is HJ 11. View the March 5 hearing  (Start at 1:02:00.)

The Senate version is SJ 7 by Sen. Paul Pinsky and 24 co-sponsors. The hearing was February 8 before the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee. View (Start at 1:27:00.)




June 19, 2018: The Supreme Court failed to issue decisive rulings on gerrymandering in both the Wisconsin and Maryland cases. Their "la-dee-dah" approach to the crisis of democracy is another disappointment and another reason that grassroots organizing is absolutely necessary.

May 15, 2018: The University of Maryland's Center for Public Integrity reports: "Three-fourths of survey respondents — including 66 percent of Republicans and 85 percent of Democrats — back a constitutional amendment outlawing Citizens United." A long form of the report is full of great information.

February 23, 2018. USA Today reports about the  2018 mid-term elections: "Donations from 10 super-rich individuals account for more than 20% of the money filling the bank accounts of federal super PACs….”

October 28, 2017. This Washington Post/University of Maryland poll on problems in U. S. democracy found that 96% blame money in politics for causing dysfunction in the U.S. political system.


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