Leadership Call 11-17-13

1 (619) 326-2772, code 1136243#


Planning the Nov 20th meeting: 

At the Policy Committee meeting, we voted on themes for the rally to be used to entice partner organizations to endorse and invite their members and to spur attendance generally.  There was agreement that the method of amendment would be put forward in our presentations at the rally but would not be part of the slogans we use pre-rally. Here was the voting, based on each attendee having 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preference (3, 2, and 1 points, respectively):

F – Free and Fair Elections – 13

A – Need for an amendment – 7

S – Maryland – 5

V – Voters/Voting (strengthening voters v. $ and also right-to-vote amendent) – 5

C/H – Corruption – now renamed Honesty – 4

P – Popular participation -3


Setting up regular Leadership conference calls and meetings.


Marylander’s for the Fair Elections Amendment    
For a Congress that is Not for Sale

Marylanders for Free and Fair Elections
for the Separation of Wealth and State

Marylanders for the Fair Elections Amendment 
for the Separation of Wealth and State

Marylanders to Amend the Constitution

Amend the Constitution for Free and Fair Elections



Board:    Set meeting place for December 18

Educational component for December 18 – Prof. Striner?

Celebrating the legislative contacts thus far  



Review of progress on legislative visits & co-sponsorship

Del. Healey’s suggestion for changing the resolution

Follow-up on reaching out to the organizations

Report on Charlie/Wylie meeting with Bob Guldin



Set phone party dates in Montgomery

Support for novice callers

Tracking legislative districts in our database

Who will visit Annapolis to secure permit?



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