Mike Busch - Democracy Champion

Speaker Mike Busch listened to constituents

The Democracy Amendment Resolution is the strongest possible action that Maryland can take to reverse several bad decisions by the U. S. Supreme Court. These decisions enable the "messaging" of multi-national corporations and the ultra-wealthy to drown out the voices of millions of working citizens.

1,000 constituents in District 30A asked Speaker Busch to support the Democracy Amendment Resolution (HJ 11). 100 constituents sent him letters and several hundred more made phone calls.

He asked questions and weighed the opposition's arguments. The Speaker responded to his constituents. He led the Delegation to pass the bill, with 8 Republicans joining. On March 15, 2018, HJ 11 passed the House of Delegates by a vote of 94-42.


(Get Money Out does not endorse or oppose candidates for office. We provide information regarding which candidates and legislators support election reform legislation.)


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