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FIGHT FOR THE 28TH AMENDMENT - Thursday, March 9, 7 PM, Washington Adventist University. Forty-five citizens turned to hear Jeffrey D. Clements, founder and president of American Promise, the national umbrella organization for all the national, state, and local, grass-roots groups working for the 28th Amendment. Many of these citizens came to Annapolis on March 10 for the hearing of HJ 6.



Our Democracy Action Forum in Columbia on October 25, 2016 was a great success. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen, to the the Owen Brown Interfaith Center, and to presenters Eric Hensal, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Sen. Jamie Raskin, Rep. John Sarbanes, Geneen Massey of Move To Amend, Wylie Sawyer, and moderator Heather Mizeur. We signed up many new volunteers. 

Ninety (90) people attended our Town Hall meeting and discussion with Sen. Jamie Raskin at the Unitarian Univeralist Church of Annapolis. Co-sponsored by Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry. Special thanks to Working Families MD and the Baltimore Council of for making this event a big success.
Full video.

Board minutes of August 13, 2014.

 Public meeting of June 18, 2014: NotesPhotos.


Tuesday, February 11th: Annual Rally for the 28th Amendment for Free and Fair Elections, Lawyers Mall, Annapolis
John Sarbanes, Jamie Raskin, Sheila Hixson, 9 more legislators, plus Ryan Clayton, Elbridge James, Jennifer Bevan-Dangel, Mike Hersh, Bob Guldin, Mike Tidwell.  We visited all 188 legislative offices.

Video of the Rally  Photos from the 2014 rally     Photos from last year's Rally

Co-sponsors: Common Cause Maryland, Maryland Public Interest Research Group, NAACP - Maryland State Conference, Fund Our Communities, Progressive Maryland, Progressive Neighbors, Anne Arundel Peace Action, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Maryland Committee to Amend, Maryland Green Party, Maryland Nonprofits, Maryland United for Peace and Justice, Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore, Peace Action Montgomery, Pledge of Resistance, Prince George’s County Peace and Justice Coalition, Progressive Cheverly, PDA – Maryland, MoveOn – Baltimore Chapter, Wolf PAC.

Wednesday, December 18, 7:00 - 8:30 PM, Richard Striner on Constitutional Amendments and Bad Supreme Court Rulings.  At   our regular monthly meeting, 27 participants heard Richard Striner Ph.D., an acclaimed American historian, provide a broad historical perspective to the contemporary movement for a Fair Elections Amendment. Past constitutional amendments, constitutional interpretation, and challenges to bad Supreme Court rulings, and how they inform current efforts in Maryland and the U.S, were reviewed.  The audience was stimulated and inspired.

Holiday Party at Noel Levy’s house
Sunday, November 24  About a dozen people enjoyed each other's company.  People came from Howard and Montgomery counties and the Baltimore area.  Guests brought delicious food, and, as always, Noel's parrot Beaky entertained.  We had a good discussion and brought everyone up to speed on the plans for the Jan 21 rally and Sen. Raskin's Resolution. 

Phone Bank Party at Charlie Cooper’s house
Monday, November 18, 6:00 PM.  Participating:  Charlie Cooper, Joe Adams, Scott Williams, Deborah Hunsely, Bonnie Lane, Arlene Ogurick.   Great fun, as always!  Many good connections were made.   Let's do this again. 


General GMOM/Outreach Committee Conference Call  12-9-13

POLICY COMMITTEE NOTES of 11/04/13.                POLICY COMMITTEE MINUTES of 10/29/13

  Sunday October 27th, 2013.   Present:  Arlene, Joe A., Charlie C., Chip,  Ed, Guy, Hillary, Jessica, and Scott W.  A great success.  Preceded by a training session.  Whenever someone got a 'hit' they rang a bell, generating applause all around.  With brainstorming and trial and error, we developed a new killer Script.

30 people came out to hear RYAN CLAYTON, National Director of speak on October 23rd, 2013  at the monthly GMOM meeting in Baltimore:  "The Separation of Wealth and State: A New Way to Fix Congress.  Sponsored by Get Money Out - Maryland.    Facebook Event Page        NOTE:  This presentation has been videotaped: check back soon for the link. 

of 10-16-13 Conference Call 


TRAINING / PRACTICE SESSION:  Thursday August 1st 2013 at 7 pm at Noel Levy’s house in Pikesville. About 10 people gathered and had a wonderful time role-playing meetings with State legislators.  Ryan Clayton, Executive Director of Wolf PAC, did a great job modeling both a legislator and citizen-advocate.  This practice paid off handsomely in our recent meetings with legislators.  WE CAN SCHEDULE FUTURE SIMILAR TRAINING SESSIONS AS THE NEED ARISES.


Minutes of GMOM Board of Policy Committee / Board of Directors Meeting, both on 7-24-13.

of GMOM Conference Call 7-15-13  (Outreach Committee)

Minutes of GMOM Policy Committee:  7-2-13 (Conference Call)

Minutes of GMOM's Board of Directors meeting:  June 24th, 2013, in Baltimore, (Charlie Cooper's house). 

MINUTES of GMOM'S Board of Directors meeting  6-6-13 

GMOM formed a Board of Directors on June 6, 2013 and will soon announce an action plan and a new meeting structure.


Cobb_mtg_2_150.jpg52 people attended David Cobb's presentation in Baltimore March 12, 2013, sponsored by Get Money Out - Maryland.  See Photos,  or FB Event Page.  (Video to be posted soon).  

Summary of Tuesday February 26th, 2013 6:30 - 8 pm
General Meeting of Get Money Out - Maryland (GMOM) at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation, 4 E. University Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21218-2437 (with parking lot).  Featuring presentations by Jennifer Bevan-Dangel and Michael W. Lore.
Handout from Meeting (Amendment comparison)

MINUTES of Conference Call meeting February 5, 2013

Rally in Annapolis: 'MONEY OUT...VOTERS IN! on January 17th, 2013, organized by Get Money Out - Maryland, Maryland PIRG, Progressive Maryland, and Common Cause Maryland. 
See the VIDEOS and PHOTOS. News coverage of the Rally: HERE.





Minutes of MEETING:   January 10th, 2013        

MORE PHOTOS from the JAN 10th Meeting

Minutes of CONFERENCE CALL:  December 29th, 2012

Minutes of CONFERENCE CALL:  December 22nd, 2012

Minutes of MEETING: December 15th, 2012





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