How You Can Help Get Money Out of Politics

  1. Speak Up:  Sign our petition and let your state legislators know that you support legislation in the State of Maryland to get money out of politics at all levels. StateHouse.jpg

  2. Study Up:  Use this web site to learn more about our mission, progress in the Maryland General Assembly, and issues related to voters' rights and money in politics. You may also want to explore our blog, which lists hundreds of articles about money in politics and democracy issues.

  3. Spread the Word:  Follow GMOM on Facebook to get current information about money in politics and also timely reports on GMOM activities.  Share interesting information with your friends.  Link to GMOM Facebook Page

  4. Step Up:   Participate in activities, expand our base of supporters, coordinate events, and talk with legislators.  When you are ready to volunteer some of your time and talents or attend an event, let us know by sending an email to: charlie@GetMoneyOutMD.org.  Anything that you can do will make a big difference.

  5. Follow Through:  Based on GMOM updates and the status of the legislative process in the Maryland General Assembly, you may decide that you would like to weigh in with your state legislators by email or phone.  You can find your state legislators by clicking HERE and following the links to their contact information.  It's easier than you might think to call your legislator's office and tell a staff member that you are a constituent and you support the Democracy Amendment Resolution.  These calls and  are powerful motivators for elected officials.




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