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Two Steps to take after Nov. 4 election


See all 188 members of the 2015 Maryland General Assembly with their positions on amendment resolution

Go to:  Find YOUR Legislators, and contact each of your own Maryland State Legislators (State Senator and Delegates) and simply ask them the following:  

Do you support Free and Fair Elections?   Will you take action to get money out of politics?   If so, co-sponsor and support the resolution (Senate or House version) being re-introduced by State Senator Raskin and Delegate Sheila Hixson in the January 2015 session of the Maryland General Assembly.   Even though it's a Maryland Resolution, it would fix the U.S. Congress by  (1) allowing The People to limit the amount of money spent on elections, (2) reversing the doctrine of 'corporate personhood,' and (3) guaranteeing the Right to Vote, which is not currently in the Constitution. 

Thanks to the shenanigans of our Supreme Court, a Constitutional Amendment is needed to accomplish these.  Since we don't expect Congress to ever get around to proposing this "Fair Elections Amendment," The People, through their state legislatures, need to propose it directly.  The Resolution formally calls for a "Convention of the States" (NOT a constitutional convention) to propose amendments limited to these purposes, and will take effect when two thirds of state legislatures pass similar resolutions. The first such state resolution was introduced in March 2012 in California, and now twenty or more states are introducing one! (The resolution will get a new name and number when it is pre-filed in December 2014, but don't wait!

Template script to call your state legislator:  

"Hi. My name is _____ and I live at/in _____.     I am calling today to see if [Delegate/Senator] supports free and fair elections in America and opposes Citizens United.  There's a resolution being introduced in Maryland this year, and in many other states, that would reverse Citizens United and restore free and fair elections in America.  Our state should be a leader on this. This is not a left or right issue - it's an American issue.  I would like to schedule a time to discuss this issue with [Representative/Senator]. I can be reached by phone at _____ or email at ______.   THANK YOU for your time. I look forward to speaking with you soon."   (from www.Wolf-Pac.com). 

You can also get meetings with your state legislators, but please let us know so we can come with you. (A constituent must be present, but we can do the talking).

FYI, here's the 2014 House Resolution HJ 7 and Senate Resolution SJ 6. SJ 6 had a favorable report from it committee by a vote of 9-2.


at   410-849-0670   or   admin@GetMoneyOutMD.org.     We're keeping track of which state legislators have been contacted, and by whom.  (And or let us know you're out there, even if you DIDN'T do this.)

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The right to vote is in the constitution, as amendment XXVI
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