Talking points - July 4th 2013

Message from Wol-Pac for July 4th, 2013


One week ago today, Americans celebrated Independence Day on July 4th – a day that signifies our freedom from the rule of aristocrats and the theocracy who ruled over us from an ocean away.  To the revolutionaries of their day, this fight was about rejecting the idea that a ruling elite had “royal blood” that entitled them to political power, and the Founders therefore created a separation of church and state.

Today’s freedom fighters, like you and me, are fighting for a similar goal: the separation of wealth and state.  The richest 1% within our country has assumed total political control of our federal government through the corrupting influence of money in politics.  They incorrectly believe that this situation will last forever, because they don’t expect us to fight back, which sounds to me like the aristocracy in England just before the Revolutionary War.

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Just like kings who sat in castles assuming that their grandchildren’s children would forever rule those countries, these corrupt lobbyists swarming the halls of our governments are under the mistaken impression that they will indefinitely dominate the political discourse in our country.   Well, looking around the world, I see a lot of empty castles and there are not many kings left - now, it's our time to storm the castles of K St lobbyists and shake loose their grip on our government. 

Nearly 90% of the American people agree that the corrupting influence of money in politics is killing our country, and this corrupt Congress, which has been bought and sold by powerful economic interests, has a lower approval rating than the King of England at time of the Revolutionary War.  With those odds, history tells me that we’re going to win this fight.  So, if you want to drop some elbows from the sky on this modern day tyranny, then it’s time to take action today and join the frontlines of this fight, whether that’s by volunteering, recruiting, or becoming a member.

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We all know that elections should be free of the corrupting influence of excessive spending by outside interests and fair enough that any citizen can run for public office, not just millionaires, lobbyists, and their allies.  To write this in stone in the U.S. Constitution, we need to create a movement of Americans that demands fundamental change, who’s willing to support it and willing to fight for it until we win.

On the day we amend the Constitution and create a new birth of liberty in this country by restoring free and fair elections, this will be our century’s new Independence Day.  Imagine being there in Washington D.C. at the Capitol with your arms raised in victory on the date that this amendment is ratified to the U.S. Constitution.  Cenk and me will be standing next to you, and once the 28th Amendment is officially added, we’re going to have one hell of a party (maybe even with fireworks!).   

So, let’s make it happen, and then I’ll see you there on our Independence Day. 

Keep Fighting,

Ryan Clayton

PS.  If you have Current Television, make sure to watch The Young Turks tonight (July 11) to see two of our Wolf PAC state leaders, Todd from Texas and Salim from New York, appear on the show at 7pm EST / 4pm PST.  They’re going to tell some stories from the frontlines and give an update on our progress in the states.

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