New Pew Study: Congress literally doesn’t care what you think
From Represent.US, May 2015

Rally & Lobby Day draw 100 to House: Photos|news release


Ninety (90) people attended GMOM's Town Hall meeting
and discussion with Sen. Jamie Raskin* at the Unitarian Univeralist Church of Annapolis. Co-sponsored by Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry. Special thanks to Working Families MD and the Baltimore Council of for making this event a big success. Full video.

GMOM-produced videos

Presentation and interviews featuring and MayDay PAC or their founder, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, author of "Republic, Lost"

  • The Case for an Article V. Convention: Testimony, Boston Statehouse
  • Ted Talk with over a million views, in which Lessig describes "Lesterland." About 0.05% (or one twentieth of one percent, or one in 2,000) Americans happen to be named 'Lester.'  This is about the same percentage of Americans, 140,000 people, who gave the maximum contribution to any congressional candidate (in 2010).   And now there's a book based on the Lessig Ted Talk.
  • Lessig interview with Bill Moyers on "Moyers & Company" June 14, 2013.  The excellent discussion on problems and solutions of corruption in Government begins at the half-way point at 31:30 minutes on the time marker.   (The first half is about privacy and Edward Snowden).Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  • We the People and the Republic we must reclaim:
    The Case for an Article V. Convention;  with
    Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, et al.
  • U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Lessig: Constitutional Accountability Center
  • Sen. Warren Warns of Citizens United on Steroids
  • Seinfeld's Jason Alexander wants you to end "paid for by" politicians (MayDay PAC)

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