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Get Money Out–Maryland, Inc. (GMOM) is an all-volunteer force seeking to get big money out of our political system and make elections fairer. Policies that have overwhelming popular support are thwarted because big campaign funders lobby to make themselves even wealthier. We the People must organize to make our democracy work for us.



You're Being Cheated -- Big Time: Legalized corruption in the United States is taking food off the table and driving rents up, polluting the air, promoting unhealthy food, and profiting off your ill health. On average, it's costing us almost $9,000 per person!!! Go to Costs of Corruption to find out how wealthy individuals and multinational corporations use money in politics to deny working people their fair share.





We are currently working with 29 organizations in the For the People - Maryland Coalition to promote democracy, make elections fairer, and strengthen political equality. We support statehood for DC, the John R. Lewis Act, the Freedom to Vote Act, and the DISCLOSE Act. We are also supporting major reforms of the Supreme Court, including term limits, an enforceable code of ethics, and adding justices. The Court has equated buying influence in elections with free speech and has granted Constitutional rights to corporations.



On May 3, 2023, we co-sponsored a forum with the Maryland League of Women Voters regarding the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court. Watch the full video


GMOM supporters gather in March 2018.



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