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Get Money Out–Maryland, Inc. (GMOM) is a volunteer force seeking to get big money out of our political system and make elections fairer. Policies that have super-majority popular support have not been implemented because big campaign funders demand policies to make themselves even wealthier. We the People must organize to achieve the systemic reforms that would make our democracy work for us.

Election day has passed and we won most of our targeted races to keep election deniers out of offices that administer elections. Thanks go to all of our supported who phone banked, texted, wrote letters and donated to preserve fair elections.

In the face of fundamental threats to our democracy, GMOM worked to make sure that election deniers did not win offices in which they could defy the popular will and change the results of elections, including the 2024 presidential election. In Arizona, we helped defeat both Kari Lake for Governor and Jim Finchem for Secretary of State, and in Nevada we helped defeat Jim Marchant for Secretary of State. Elsewhere, election deniers lost most of their races and received fewer votes than other Republican candidates.


Katie Hobbs defeated election denier Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona.   Adrian Fontes defeated denier Mark Finchem for Secretary of State of Arizona.  

Cisco Aguilar defeated denier Jim Marchant for Secretary of State in Nevada.


We are currently working with the For the People - Maryland Coalition to pass federal legislation that would promote democracy, make elections fairer, and strengthen political equality. We have supported statehood for DC, the John R. Lewis Act, the For the People Act, the Freedom to Vote Act, the DISCLOSE Act, and the Electoral Count Reform Act. We are also raising public awareness about the threat of "Independent State Legislature Theory" (ISLT), under which partisan state legislatures would have unchecked power to create unfair Congressional district maps and set unfair rules for federal elections.

Go to Costs of Corruption to find out how wealthy individuals and multinational corporations use money in politics, corporate Constitutional rights, and voter suppression to deny working people their fair share–and how much that corruption costs each taxpayer, every year.


GMOM supporters gather after a Maryland House Rules Committee hearing, March 2018. The House went on to pass our Democracy Amendment Resolution by a vote of 94-42.