Our Mission

Get Money Out—Maryland, Inc. (GMOM) is a volunteer force of Marylanders demanding full voting rights for every citizen and regulation of big money in politics. We work to promote reforms to end the corrupting influence of big money in the political process and strengthen the power of individual citizens. Our ultimate goal is enacting a U.S. Constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen’s United v. FEC decision, empower states and the federal government to regulate the raising and spending of money in our elections, establish that Constitutional rights apply only to natural persons, and affirm the right to vote for all citizens.


Our Activities

Since GMOM was founded in 2012, our campaign has enlisted the support of nearly 9,000 Marylanders.

In 2018, the Maryland House of Delegates passed the Democracy Amendment Resolution (H.J. 11), which included the call for a convention of states to propose a Constitutional amendment. Since the Resolution did not pass the Senate’s Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, the measure died.

In 2020, we formed the For the People -- Maryland coalition, which had 29 member organizations as of July, 2023. The coalition has supported pro-democracy legislation in the Congress, including legislative measures and funding to:

  • Stop voter suppression,
  • Protect election security,
  • Ban dark and foreign money,
  • Clamp down on racial and partisan gerrymandering,
  • Clarify the Electoral Count Act, and
  • Reform the Supreme Court by mandating a code of ethics, expanding the number of justices, and imposing term limits on the justices.

We have also mobilized volunteers to oppose the election of conspiracy theorists ("election denialists") to key offices in swing states.


We invite you to join us in our vital state and national campaigns!