Area Captains Manual

GMOM Area Captains’ Manual, Version 2 – 8/26/14 -
Updated 12/7/14

Link to the Google Doc for this document:

Ideas and Brainstorms



Tools Required


Scripts for recruiting new members. (scroll down for scripts for legislators). 

For more (older) script ideas, see

One-page flyer

Detailed “one-pager”

Paper /commitment document

Online sign-up (our website)

New Member Protocol

Wolf PAC training (TOC)

TOC trainer’s notes

GMOM Historical Timeline


Organizational alliances

Sample MOU

Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry, C.R.O.P., Working Families, NAACP, Sierra Club, MCA, Fund Our Communities

Record Keeping

GMOM Nation Builder database: Area Team Definitions and Tags.

Database Help (conventions on adding, editing supporters in the GMOM database):

Google docs

Phone bank lists:

  • Supporters from GMOM NB database

  • Super-voter lists

Team Communication:

  • Meetings

  • Phone conferences

  • Social Media

  • Local Google Group

Sample protocol

Team Captains’ idea exchange

GMOM-volunteers Google group:!forum/gmom-volunteers

Wolf-Pac-Maryland Google group:!forum/wolfpac-maryland/join


Sample event checklists

Sep 22 Town Hall flyer (color)

Legislator contact:

  • Campaign events

  • Constituents meetings

  • Phone banking

  • Electronic

Spreadsheet:  ‘Legislators_Candidates_List pre-2014 Election’   (contact GMOM for access to this document).  

Wolf PAC - MD Live Resolution (post-election)

Wolf PAC legislator lists (google doc)

GMOM training:

  • Phone banking

  • Approaching legislators/candidates

Scripts for phone banking

Postcards to send to legislators

Scripts for legislators (scroll up for scripts for recruiting new members)

Wolf PAC Talking Points

Poll Results Handout for Legislators

One-pager for legislators/candidates

Team Captains’ idea exchange


  • Reporting schedule

  • Agreed-upon goals

Report format

Transparency and Ethics

Statement of principles

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