I/We recognize that an overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation believe that big money has too great an influence on our political process. 

I/We believe that representative democracy in America is in jeopardy due to the corrupting financial influence of corporations, wealthy special interests and billionaires and numerous attempts to undermine the right of every citizen to vote. 

Since Congress has not acted to reverse Citizens United v. FEC, we join with Get Money Out – Maryland to amend the U.S. Constitution to affirm that:

  1. Congress and the states may regulate the raising and spending of money to influence elections.
  2. Constitutional political rights shall be reserved for humans (natural persons) and not artificial entities.
  3. Every citizen has the right to vote. 

I/We urge the Maryland General Assembly to pass Senate Joint Resolution 2 the “Democracy Amendment Resolution,” which, under the U.S. Constitution Article V, calls for an amendment-proposing convention of the states to draft such a limited Amendment.

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