We must pass the For the People Act!

The For the People Act (H.R.1), sponsored by Maryland's John Sarbanes, has passed the House of Representatives. If enacted, it will be a great step forward to strengthen U.S. democracy. The bill contains critical provisions:

  • Limit gerrymandering of Congressional districts
  • Increase ethics requirements for candidates and officeholders
  • Ban dark money and regulate PACs
  • Create a system of public campaign financing with matching of small contributions
  • Promote access to the ballot, restrict voter suppression
  • Improve election security.

Here is a more detailed Fact Sheet from Rep. John Sarbanes, the prime sponsor of H.R.1. (It's S.1 in the Senate.) We have founded the For the People – Maryland coalition, and it is growing quickly.

The For the People Act is very popular with voters all along the political spectrum. Senate Democrats can choose to pass this bill by simple majority if they are willing to amend the rules. Or they can go on summer vacation. PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW.


Call or email your U.S. Senators

Big-money interests are driving opposition calls into our Senators' offices. If we want democracy reform, we must call these offices, and say: "No Recess until after you pass the For the People Act."

Ben Cardin 888-453-3211

Chris Van Hollen 888-453-3211

Call Ben Cardin at 888-453-3211

Or email him here

Call Chris Van Hollen at 888-453-3211

Or email him here