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This is a 2 x 8 ft banner. Click to see as a PDF image banner_complete9forweb3.jpg






The Other Best collection of Democracy Artwork We've Seen


(Making signs by hand works fine too!)


building_costume.jpgCOSTUME IDEAS

Wearable Slogans for use with a Corporation / Billionaire Outfit:

  • We only wish we could contribute MORE . . .  Wait,  We Can.
  • Corporations Are People Too!
  • Mothers For Anonymous Unlimited Corporate Spending on Elections
  • Generous Expenditures R Us
  • Banksters R Us
  • TBTR – (Too Big to Regulate)
  • Please accept this small token
  • We don’t expect any overt favors whatsoever
  • It’s the least we could do - Don’t feel too beholden
  • ”We support transparency – as long as you can’t tell who we are.

Wearable Slogans for use with a Politician's Outfit:

  • Massive Donations Gratefully Accepted
  • Unlimited Independent Expenditures Appreciated
  • Utterly Un-Influenced by Campaign Cash
  • Cannot be Bought (Rented?  Maybe)
  • How Dare You Insinuate I Could Be Influenced by Massive Amounts of Money
  • Brought to you by . . . J P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Exelon, Altria.
  • Appearance of Corruption?  No Problemo.
  • No Quid Pro Quo here!  (Just Generous Corporations and Grateful Politicians)


Other Costume Ideas:

  • Sanitation jumpsuits or overalls - lettered with 'Election Clean-Up Crew,'  with mops, possibly with hazmat masks.
  • Scary Halloween monster costume (with corporate logos)
  • Nascar jackets with logos
  • Pig costume (or strap-on Pig Snout)

(Post photos of your costumes on our Facebook Page!)





















“Corporations Are People Too!”

Legalize Democracy!

Corporations Really Are People

Corruption:   It's our American System of Government

 **More** Freedom for Corporations . . . . . to buy elections fair and square!  

CIVICS 101:  Unlimited, Anonymous Corporate Funding of Elections
Any Questions?

Now EVERYONE, from Goldman Sachs to your grandmother, has the same right ...
... to spend millions of dollars on elections.

I believe in the separation of corporation and state

Let's get Corporations and wealthy people to pay for all our political campaigns!

DEMOCRACY:  It was fun while it lasted.

I’d rather be . . . . . . living in a Democracy


Thank a Corporation:  They pay for Your Elections.

Preserve the American system of Democracy:   Let Corporations pay for EVERYTHING.

Corporations can spend as much as they want on elections. Is this a great country, or what?

What do you call election funded by anonymous corporations with business before Congress?
whether_theyre_a_corporation_web.jpgA:  Corruption
B.  The American System of Government

Corporations shouldn't be in charge of Elections for actual humans.

I'll believe corporations are peoplewhen Texas executes one.                                      

Let Corporations Regulate Themselves!

Widen the Income Gap

Privatize Everything!

Unlimited Undisclosed Corporate Spending on Elections! That's what I call:  FREEDOM!

The greatest, most expensive election in history,  brought to you by Raytheon, the Altria Group, J P Morgan Chase, & Goldman Sachs.

Citizens United against ‘Citizens United’"


Corporations Should Not Be In Chargeof the Elections of Actual Humans

U.S. legislators raise most of their election funds from businesses they regulate.
You got a problem with that? 

'We the People' Not 'We the Corporations'  

Money Aint Speech, Corporations Aint People                  

...Of the People    Special Interests
...By the People    Lobbyists
...For the People  Corporations

What Part of “We the PEOPLE” don’t you understand?

The term “Corporation” does not appear in the constitution.

Any legislator foolish enough to stand up to corporate interests can expect an extremely well-financed challenger in the next election.

Why do legislators do whatever Goldman Sachs, Exxon, Monsanto, and United Health Care want them to do? Oh yeah, they pay for elections.

Corporate-Funded Elections are not Healthy for Children & Other Living Things

CONGRESSMAN _______________brought to you by Constellation Energy, MBNA Corp, Bank of America, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, BAE Systems, Van-Scovoc Associates, and Comcast Corporation.     Thanks to our Generous Sponsors.

CONGRESSMAN ______________brought to you by J.P. Morgan Chase, The Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs, Comcast Corporation, Constellation Energy, The Altria Group (shhh:  Philip Morris), Exelon Corporation, National Beer Wholesalers Association, General Dynamics and Raytheon   Thanks to our Generous Sponsors.

SENATOR ____________________brought to you by AT&T, Van Scovac Associates, Lockheed Martin, Abbott Laboratories, Constellation Energy, DLA Piper, Raytheon and Blank Rome LLP.   Thanks to our Generous Sponsors.



4 3 2 1 Corruption Must Be Overcome
1 2 3 4 This is what we're fighting for!

Cut the bull and cut the jive
Corporations are not alive. 

Cut the jive and cut the bull.
Corporations are not people.

Who does Congress Represent?
Let’s Get in the Big Tent: 
The 28th Amendment!

Get ready for the battles
Get ready for the fights
Corporations don’t have
Constitutional Rights!

Amendment 28 is gonna set us straight!

Time for some disruption of political corruption


Corporate American flag  (order from

Paper Model of the Capitol Building (from 16," and smaller sizes,  worn on head or carried, with a "Sold" sign on it.

Large Ballot box with large 1,000 bill in the slot.

Suitcases overflowing with money

Giant $1,000 bill



"The problem with the corporation as a person is that it has no soul to save and no body to incarcerate." Edward Thurlow (19th century)

"If there is no struggle there is no progress.   Those who profess to favor freedom yet deprecate agitation want crops without plowing." 
- Frederick Douglass 1857, native of Maryland

"Today, the voices of average Americans are being drowned out by lobbyists and special interests.  But you can do something about it!" -  actual ad for the Americans for Prosperity/Tea Party summit: 'Defending the American Dream,' Austin TX, July 2010, fundedby oil billionaires Charles & David Koch).
























Questions & Answers:

QUESTION:   Mr. Legislator, are your decisions influenced in any way by the fact that most election spending is by anonymous huge corporations?  ANSWER:  No.     

QUESTION:  Mr. Legislator, when you accept large amounts of money from huge corporations, or when it is spent on your behalf in an election, does that create the appearance of corruption? ANSWER:   No.

QUESTION:  Mr. Legislator, Q:  Why does congress always do whateverthe big banks, oil companies, drug companies, and agribusiness companies want them to do?  ANSWER:     Ummmmmm    Go ask your mom.

QUESTION:   Mr. Corporate representative, why does your company give large amounts of money to both Democrats and Republicans in the same election?   ANSWER:   Because we believe in Good Government.

QUESTION:  Mr. Corporate representative, will your company agree to stop anonymous funding of elections?  ANSWER:   That's a good question.  Let me think about that . . . ummmmmmm, No.

Public Bribery:

Actor 1: Dress up as corporation or billionaire
Actor 2: Dress up as politician.  Accept large sack of money from Actor 1.    See above for wearable slogans above, like "Grateful" politician, "Generous" corporations, etc.

Ballot Box:

Ordinary person tries to place an over-sized ballot into the ballot box, but is prevented by a billionaire or corporation, who then stuffs giant bills into the voting box, lights cigars, chants & wears funny slogans (above).

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