Excellent Progress in Maryland in 2015

Thanks to you, our amazing supporters, and to responsive voters who contacted legislators, SJ 2, our full Democracy Amendment Resolution passed the Maryland Senate, 29-18 on April 8. Major thanksHixson also go to our sponsor, Sen. Pinsky, to committee Chair Joan Carter Conway, and to Senate President Mike Miller.pinsky.jpg

We came very, very close to an amazing victory April 13 when the 2015 General Assembly ended. GMOM volunteers and supporters had again made heroic efforts by phone banking, contacting legislators, and visiting legislators. We succeeded in lining up majority support in both chambers and were closing in on victory. The House Rules Committee, however, put in a weakening amendment that removed the call for an Article V convention of the States (see "We the People," below). The Senate stood firm and appointed a conference committee to iron out differences, but the House did not reciprocate.

Our 2015 sponsors: Del. Sheila Hixson (left) and Sen. Paul Pinsky (right)

Progress Nationwide: Four States Pass Amendment Resolutions!

RaskinFour states so far - Vermont, California, Illinois and New Jersey have passed binding resolutions in both chambers calling on Congress to call an Article V amendments convention of the states for democracy reform. Thirty more are needed. Let's ensure Maryland joins them in 2016!

MD State Senator (D, 20) and Constitutional Law Professor Jamie Raskin